41 - Dissension
Ten of hearts

Creating opportunities to show your talents – Reviling values- overcoming competition

You just realized that you have been hiding under somebody else’s shadow. By doing that nobody can see your talents and capabilities. The person who you are helping is not able to utilize your full potential. It’s time for you to stand up, and try to come out of the shadows.  So, don’t be insecure or shy, things would fall apart if it wasn’t for you; you and your work are very important, you shouldn’t be afraid to show it is yours.  Have you notice that often when you tell someone your ideas they don’t support or incentive you? Have you thought they may be trying to put you down in order to feel better about themselves?

Time to: Stand-up. Show your ideas. Manifest your talents, use your art. Express your feelings. Observe the people around you, are they allowing you to shine? Do they need to know more about what you do, and what you can offer?

Love life: Moment of conflict, you can’t stand being silent anymore. It's time to express everything you feel, without fear of being rejected. You will end up turning the game.

At work:Why hide? There are skills and knowledge that you’ve been withholding, may be because of excessive humility or shyness. Due to your lack of trust in yourself, you let other less competent people pass in front of you, and hide you from the view of others. It's time to emerge from the shadows. Show your potential, and your work, and stop doing other people's work thinking that will make you look better. If you show your specialties, and do the best you can at your job, you will be surprised with your success!!