40 - Premonition
slave of hearts
The Laborer

Better perception of the environment that surrounds you - sensibility - IDENTIFICATION OF OWN FEELINGS - RESERVation - Elimination OF FEARS

You will be able to protect yourself from the criticism of those who do not accept you for who you are. You are getting evidence of your sensitivity, your talents, and your art.  Your sense of perception is keen, you are seeing and feeling everything, and guessing what others feel and think.

Creation. Romance, flirting. You are very sensitive ... but do not forget to look at other people's feelings too.


In love: It may talk about a period of trial and testing of a relationship. If you are in a distance relationship, believe me, your partner can not stop thinking about you, but he/she is a little intimidated, or restricted due to some kind fear.

At work: Moment of preservation. Do not show everything at once, or all that you are able to do at once. Prepare the ground. Study. Discover the best way to express yourself. You do not want to hurt the pride of people who are not able to understand you. The best way to avoid competition is to keep your eyes open, and focus on your own work.