38 - Duplicity
Queen of hearts
The Laborer


You just found a new way to manifest your skill and gifts. Now you have the power of your art. Show off! Put yourself in the window, and allow people to browse you. You had developed many specialties, it is the time to show what you are able to do! Do you believed in your power of seduction? You will be surprise how powerfully your are while trying to convince somebody of how talented you are. Since you are using your specialties, it will be an easy task, because only you can be special at that. Use and abuse, your gifts are something that you really can count on. Trust yourself!

Love life: Men: Can you see around you a lady who you feel very attracted to? You may have doubts, because you do not believe she can be just yours. It will be up to you. How much you are able to seduce her. Be confident, you know how to play this game.

Women: It is time for you to demonstrate your femininity. Go shopping and get ready to party! Highlight your sensuality.Don't be shy to show your flirtatious self, it will make you shine.

At work: Expansion. You are having the opportunity to show what you are capable of. The audience is growing, and you are free enough to flow with all of your strength. Dance, be free, and express your talents. It is time for you to show what you can do.