37 - Art and Science
King of hearts
The Laborer

development of a new character - RENEWAL OF SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT - INCORPORATION OF GIFTS AND artistry.

You are redefining the way you represent yourself to make better use of your potentials. You are conquering a new position that will boost your self-confidence, and will provide you a space to use your talents.

Tiime to: Expand your social environment. Start a New Career. Start a new relationship or friendship. Romance and affection. Show your art.

Love life: You are defining what you want from your relationships. It seems that everybody would work, however everyone has flaws. Who makes you happy? Stop judging and live your passions. You are trying to find somebody you have great affinity with. By interacting, you are learning about yourself and others. For a woman: It may symbolize a man you feel very attracted to, somebody sociable, with lots of friends, and very flirtatious. He may be an artist or a politician. He's very romantic, flirtatious and somebody who you will proud to introduce to your friends.

At work: You are assuming a new position where you can use your talent, your art. The world is opening doors for you to start a new stage in your career, playing the role you want to play. You are in the right environment where you will be able to expand.