29 - Domesticity
Eight of Wands
The Laborer


The natural order of the universe - Perception of the unique path of each element - Search for comfort- Health care

You are improving the conditions of your life. Something you thought was an obstacle just became an advantage. You learned how to deal with things that you cannot change, learned to accept them for what they are. You are learning how to manage your physical state, managing pain, taking care of your ailments, and accepting yourself for who you are.

Time to: Search for comfort - Learn to accept natural events and cycles - Exercise, eat well and take care of your health- Spend time outside in nature - Accommodate your needs - Get stable


Love life: Try accepting your partner for who they are, instead of trying to change them. What you think is their worse quality may turn out to be a good attribute.

At work: To survive in difficulty times, you must first accept the reality for the way it is. Thus, you will give up trying to change things and instead you will find a way to accommodate them.