28 - Uncertainty
Nine of Wands
The Laborer


New vision and perspective - Opening of ways and unlocking of doors - Doubts about the unknown - Beginning of parallel projects

The doors are open! You know that you are capable of achieving great things, you can count on yourself, and you have a plan to where you want to go. Now it’s time to look for the best way to get there. Before you were not prepared to attempt new routes, but now you feel ready. Initially, you may not be so sure about which way to take. However, you do have choices and before you make a commitment, you may need to try a little bit of each option, so you can have a “taste” of each one, and allow your heart to make the right decision. Choose the one your heart beats for.

Time to: Get involved in parallel activities. Open new ways. Begin to prepare for another career. Accept new clientele. Begin a project in addition to the one you are engaged in. Remove obstacles.

Love life: Doubt. Options. Follow your heart.

At work: Plenty of options. Delve a little into each one and see which will more beneficial. If in doubt, follow your heart.