27 - The Unexpected
Ten of Wands
The Laborer

Start of a support system - Improvement of patrimony- Acquiring tools- Travel

You just got the latest tools that will prepare you to get new opportunities. And the universe may provide you with unexpected options. This will happen because you deserve it. Accept this gift with no doubt. It can be a call for changes in your life. Think about all your basic needs, is there anything that needs improvement? Analyze what you have, your knowledge, skills and experiences, sharpen your tools and take advantage of this opportunity… give it your all!!

Time to: Accept gifts from the universe. Take a trip. Start college, or some kind of schooling. Buy an instrument that can help you do your job-such as a car or a computer. Unexpected trip for you, or your partner. Win the lottery.

Love life: Something unexpected is happening, don’t be afraid, it is just an opportunity for you to learn to prepare yourself better. You can improve your love life with that as well. If somebody acts or do something unexpected, it will be up to you to decide if you enjoy it, or if it bothers you.

At work: Don't miss this opportunity!