26 - The Prodigy
Slave of Wands
The Laborer

Rebirth- Breaking old structures- Beginning of a new activity- Innovation- Switching bases.

You are feeling fragile. You just recognized that your foundation was not enough to support your needs, and it was necessary to begin to build new bases to create something appropriate for your growth. You still feel a little unprepared for this change, but like a little bird getting out of the egg shell, you cannot fit inside the egg anymore and the food is gone. Now it’s time to go to work and actively search for a new source of nourishment.

It’s a good time to: Accept new challenges and begin a new cycle. Break from old patterns that were holding you back. Move to a new home. Buy property. Start a new project. Leave your parent’s house. Begin college, or a new class. Accept changes for the way they are, and try to make the best of it.

Love life: Can you see somebody around you who looks insecure or childlike? This person is looking for the same thing you are, to build a new foundation. This person is looking for somebody to lean on and build together. This can be a good thing; you can help each other in a new beginning. However, make sure that you are not giving too much, or that you don’t have too much expectations.

At Work: It is in the moments of apparent weakness that we have the courage to start new projects. It’s now or never. Do it!