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Knight of Wands
The Laborer

Adventure- a new project – Innovation

You are feeling strong enough to try something new in your life. It is time to go for your dreams. It feels like an adventure, but you have everything you need to support you in your plan. You have a strong desire to find a way to make your living easier and happier. Don’t doubt it; you will have the opportunities and tools necessary to begin to build a better base from which you will be able to grow. Travel and travelers could help you or provide you with more options.

It’s a good time to: Accept challenges. Open new doors. Take a fun trip. Meet foreign people, who give you strength.

Love life: Can you see somebody around you who is adventurous, travels a lot, or lives in another town? This person can help you, can give you knowledge about the unforeseen and teach you how to get comfort even away from home. This card can represent a trip that you or somebody else is making that is going to be significant to you.

If you have partner that lives in another town or take lots of small trips, you should accept that and try to deal with and learn to enjoy it.

At work:Venture that begin unexpectedly, possibly from outside your circle or from another city. It may require traveling.