24 - The Weaver
Queen of Wands
The Laborer

Caring and Nourishing - Generating energy

You are working towards making your life more comfortable. You have all tools and materials necessary, now it’s time to put them together and use them. You've been weaving your own nest. You feel like you are able to support yourself and get the satisfaction you need. This feeling is very special and it doesn’t happen very often, you feel happy and safe.

Use this time to: take care of yourself, redecorate or rearrange your home, move to a new house- somewhere where you can feel more grounded, may be somewhere with a garden…. Take care of your kids and your family.


Love life: If you are a men, can you see a woman around you who you see as a little girl, mellow and easy going, sometimes fragile, and inspire your wish to take care of her? She wants to get married, be in a stable relationship and build a family. Now it’s time for you to think- are you in that stage of your life? Is she too young for you?

If you already have a partner: Time to build together, take care of your home and family.

At work: Safety. You are creating a situation that is stable and confortable.