22 - The Return

end of a seven year cycle - analysis of all aspects of your life, search of a new meaning - change in your destiny - turning point

You are in the end of a complex plan you had started about 7 years ago. At that time, you had defined a project, and in order to accomplish it, you had to build a support system. You had to find a way to express your gifts and skills, and establish your network. You made plans to develop specific talents; and there was a reason for this apprenticeship. It was like you were in an island, but now you finished that project, and you have sailed on to the sea of opportunities. Yet, you don't know where you are going to dock. So it's time to sail the ocean in order to find a new meaning for your life. The end of one cycle means the bebinning of another, and soon you will find a nest to start it all over again, with a brand new project in mind.

Transition period - Travel abroad - End of a seven year commitment