21 - Transformation



Transmutation- Maturity- Higher conscious of your being- Clarity of own path- Desire to change

You’ve just realized how much you have been changing in the last seven years. It makes you feel a little confused. It seems like somebody pulled the rug under your feet, scrambling the puzzle of your life. Now, you are trying to put it together again. You are comparing yourself with who you were seven years ago, and noticing that you are different. You have been feeling things that you’ve never felt before, you are thinking about things you haven’t considered before, and overall understanding your life and yourself better. You’ve matured, but your life has not yet changed to fit that more mature self. You are waiting for opportunities to take this next step in your life and prove that you have grown.

Changes -Travels - Cut in activities and relationships you established seven, fourteen, or twenty one years ago.