18 - The Twilight

Perception of your characters - Hidden Fantasies - The power of Manifestation

You are doing a major cleaning in your closet, and looking at all the clothes you have been wearing, all the costumes and masks you have been putting on, and finding things that you would like to wear, but couldn’t, or have been lost in your closet. Those clothes, masks and costumes are parts of your character that you can use to represent yourself to the world. During this reorganization, you have noticed that you’ve been acting like other people want you to act, what you thought it would be more adequate for you to act like. However, that is not who you truly are, and that is the reason why it hasn’t been working. You want to recover your real being, and wear what you want to wear.

If some people around you start acting differently, showing themselves like they never did... don’t be surprised, it is time to drop the masks.