12 - The Apostleship

Reach of a milestone - Freedom from self-prejudice - Change in expectations - Relief of guilt

You are going through a major change in your life. You just finished a big job, where you had focused all your efforts and your expectations into, and you were successful in that mission. Now that it’s over, you are feeling relieved, but in the other hand, you are feeling empty, because you had invested all of yourself in this project, and now it is over. So, you are experiencing a big shift in your life, everything that was so important for you until now, do not mean anything anymore. You feel like you proved that you could achieve objectives you set up for yourself. You finished your mission and you no longer need to prove anything to anybody anymore. Now it’s time to focus on all of those things you left behind while you were so focused in this project.
Now you have the proof that you were able to achieved something great, and all guilt that you had about fulfilling your obligations with family or society are gone. You feel free to be yourself and you are recognizing you deserve to be happy again.